Fragrant Spirits, the connoisseurs in fine liquor, pioneer in manufacture and distribution of home distilled and imported, world-class alcoholic beverages

Out top of the line spirits include, Desert Stallion, whiskey made from the finest Barley in Scotland, Parakar Brandy, made from the wine yards of Armenia, Silver Mounted Vodka, made from GRAPES of ARARAT VALLEY ,Armenia


High times of your life starts here with us, the Fragrant Spirits. We trade the chilling moments with the reason for happiness. Cheers!

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Arun Sebastian

Managing Director.

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Fragrant spirits Pvt. Ltd.,Gnd. Floor, Nirmal towers, East Church rd, angamaly-683572,Kerala

Fragrant spirits Pvt. Ltd.,3rd Floor, Adam Square, aluva rd, Angamaly-683572, Kerala